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Did a dangerous product cause you harm? You have options

When you buy a consumer product, it is likely with the expectation that it will be safe and appropriate for you and your Pennsylvania family. While most consumer products are completely safe, there are times that you could purchase a product that ultimately causes serious harm or dangerous medical conditions. 

Dealing with the consequences and effects of a dangerous consumer product is not easy, and you may be unsure about the potential options you have as a victim. With guidance, you may be able to secure compensation through a products liability claim. It is difficult to prove liability and successfully complete the claims process, but you have the right to seek help as you do so.

Finding out who is to blame

As a consumer, if you suffered harm because of a product made, designed and distributed by several different parties, it can be difficult to determine who is actually to blame for your injuries or illness. Technically, several parties could be at least partially liable for your suffering, and they include the following:

  • The actual manufacturer of the consumer product
  • The company that designed the dangerous product
  • Whichever party put together and assembled the parts of the product
  • The wholesale or retail company

Claims for product liability can be complex, and it is not easy to identify all of the parties that could be to blame or find out where in the distribution chain things went wrong. Many injured consumers find it helpful to seek guidance as early as possible in the claims process in order to understand their options and take the appropriate actions.

Consumers have the right to speak up and take action when a dangerous product causes unnecessary harm. This includes everything from household items that cause dangerous side effects to medical devices that are harmful when implanted in a patient.

Getting better and seeking recovery

Consumers hurt by the reckless and irresponsible actions of manufacturers, product designers and other parties have rights. If you suffered harm, you can fight for the rightful financial compensation you deserve for your medical needs, rehabilitation and emotional trauma.

What you may be able to recover through a products liability claim depends largely on the nature of your injuries and the circumstances of your individual case. Before taking the initial steps of the claims process, you may find a complete explanation of your rights and options to be helpful.

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